Zoey Cane Belyea is from Seattle, WA.  She studied there with local artists and helped to found The Young Americans' Theatre Company in 2008.  She studied theatre at Tulane and Seattle University.  She has performed with fringe and regional companies in Seattle including Book-It Rep, Seattle Shakespeare Co, upstart crow, Seattle Children's Theatre, Pony World, Live Girls! Theatre, Annex, Theater Schmeater, among others.

In 2014 Zoey was a member of the Core Apprentice Company at The Orchard Project and spent 5 weeks experimenting, generating, and developing new projects with visiting artists. At OP she developed a piece using collage and shadow to explore relationships to fear and how fear can be transformed into beauty. 

In Austin she created and performed with Gale Theatre Company, collaborating on several productions and traveling throughout Texas and Louisiana.  She has also performed in Austin with Mouth Radio, Groundswell, and in several new plays written by Joanna Garner.

Zoey directed the 2015-16 Youth Theatre Company at The Paramount in Austin.  This paid ensemble of student actors develops and creates devised work for 5 full times weeks each summer.  Students are hired in partnership with The City of Austin's Youth Employment Program.

Zoey frequently dreams and creates with others.

2015 brought a new collaboration with choreographer Devon J. Adams.  Their first piece, An Unimportant Failure, was selected as part of Frontera Festival's Best of Week Showcase, went on to perform at the Houston Fringe Festival, and culminated in an outdoor community engagement project in East Austin.  As a team, the two continue to explore the intersection of dance and theatre in search of new modes of storytelling.  Sometimes this collaboration is called TETHER theatre/dance.

Celina Chapin is a Los Angeles based choreographer and Gale core member.  Together they explore danger, magic, and putting all our collective bad ideas on stage.  Sometimes this collaboration is called Sister Play.

Antoinette Bianco is a Seattle based director and designer.  Together they are most interested in creating captivating physical worlds and centering their work around strong female characters.  Sometimes this collaboration is called This Point Project.