New long term collaboration with Sound Designer and speaker queen Erin Bednarz.  Was it the Wind? debuted at the Oregon Fringe Festival in the spring of 2018.


"Powerful classical music was interspersed with brisk, high-velocity, unintelligible language and drumbeats. Spoken word, recorded voices and additional ambient, electronic and experimental music set the tone as actors dispersed into areas of the park in displays of feral animosity, sometimes climbing and then dropping from trees, at other points crouching in the bushes or re-emerging to run a significant distance to come together as a group.

Movement was reminiscent of work of Twlya Tharp, White Bird and others, but outside of that, the process seemed fairly original in concept and execution. Despite a complicated set of circumstances, once the downpour lifted somewhat to a steady drizzle and the performance began to wind down, I was left feeling relaxed, contemplative, and intrigued. "


backyard party

Frontera Fest was canceled so we threw a party!  We couldn't be more glad!  What a joy to finally let this piece out in the open air -- so fresh and light and finally the way we dreamed it could be.  Thank you thank you to everyone who came to share the time with us! 

Next Up: Houston Fringe

An Unimportant Failure

SEPTEMBER 25th -- 9pm.  SEPTEMBER 26th -- 1:30pm.

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Who has the right to be disappointed?  How many have the privilege of forgetting?

An Unimportant Failure is a play and a paper cut out.  Using dance and object, it tells the story of the keepers of all lost things and how they themselves are also lost.

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T E T H E R theatre/dance   draws the line between theatre and dance, balancing along that tension as both forms find full range of expression. Collaborative duo Devon J. Adams and Zoey Cane Belyea are inspired by the place where one artist's ignorance meets the other artist's experience.

TETHER theatre/dance

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TETHER is the meeting place to explore new ways of storytelling combining dance and theatre.  Tether is the tension that hold me to you, the space between my knowing and your knowing, the cord we balance our questions on. Tether is the way sometimes one follows and sometimes one leads. Tether is a restriction that sets us free.

back to work

Devon and I are returning to An Unimportant Failure with plans to turn it into a full length piece.

Mercury in retrograde, old projects feel new again.

The Prostitute & The Cow Trailer

Produced by Mouth Radio and The VORTEX With support from Gale Theatre Company Filmed & edited by Magic Spoon Productions Opens April 10th-18th Tickets and Information @ www.vortexrep.org "Funnel of Love" by Wanda Jackson