new kid, new city

Welcome to Austin everybody.  



The sky is big here, like, really big.  It's the perfect space for dreaming.   

I spent four weeks teaching camps at The ZACH theatre thanks to my good friend Ellie who runs an amazing education program there.  After a long (and rewarding) year of teaching classroom subjects through the lens of theatre, teaching theatre for the sake of play and exploration and story telling felt like coming home, even in this brand new city.  It was the perfect creative space for me to start thinking about auditioning for shows and getting involved in new projects.  

Sometimes I believe in fate.  I immediately got involved with a group of artist interested in taking risks, physical story telling, creating new forms, and above all ensemble training.  With Gale Theatre Company I have jumped into two amazing devised projects:

FLORENCE charts the real story of silent movie star Florence Lawrence, who some say kick started the celebrity system as we know it.  It explores ideas of fame and success; what it means to chase them and what it means to achieve them.  Check out this rad video from our creation process.

I'm also working on text and design for Gale's second show, W.K.  Inspired by the true story of a World War II couple who lived together for 7 years without speaking a word to one another, W.K. explores communication, silence, and what it means to be in love in the millennial generation.    I'm so excited to be traveling with W.K. to the New Orleans Fringe in just a few weeks.  That show will also return to Austin for a three week run in January.

Click through for tickets and more information.